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Body Boost 30 Day Challenge

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Thank you all for welcoming me to this amazing app💯 the first picture is from when my best friend and I did photos with her puppy in 2022, I was so excited to get those photos(waited a bit for them😂) and as soon as I seen myself… I burst into tears. She thought I was happy I’m sure . But seeing my stomach in that photo just crushed me and I needed a better and healthier way to get myself to where I wanted to be physically, emotionally and mentally because I was so unhappy seeing that. The second is the beginning of 2023 after ending my abusive relationship and mentally getting back to normal me😋 I love myself mentally and emotionally now but physically I am not. I know very little about what I’m doing, so any advice or suggestions would be greatly welcomed 😁 but enough babbling I’m excited to start tonight and thank everyone for the support and encouragement ❤️💯

May 13

Welcome to FemSweat, Katrina!

Thank you for sharing your journey with us. It's incredibly brave of you to open up about your experiences and your determination to heal and transform. At FemSweat, you're not just joining a fitness challenge, you're becoming part of a supportive community that's here to uplift you every step of the way. Remember, this is a safe space where every effort, every moment of presence, and every act of self-care matters. We're all cheering for you and are excited to see you thrive. Here's to moving forward, feeling stronger, and being good to yourself in mind, body, and soul 🤗✨✨



Welcome to the 30-Day Body Boost Challenge Group on FemSweat...
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