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Our Why

The Road to a Better You

At FemSweat, we empower women from all walks of life to embrace their strength, nurture their bodies, and unleash their inner potential. FemSweat is committed to fostering holistic wellness, celebrating individuality, and creating a space where every woman feels seen, supported, and empowered.

Our founder, Rachael, transitioned from being a passionate trainer in 2015 to a cybersecurity engineer, where she felt a disconnect from her purpose and joy. This realization sparked the rebirth of FemSweat, aiming to cultivate a space where women could find harmony in their lives through dynamic physical activities. Rachael is also a certified pre and postnatal fitness trainer, dedicated to supporting women through every stage of their wellness journey.

At FemSweat, we believe that fitness should be dynamic and doesn't need to be confined to a routine gym schedule. Our diverse range of activities includes:

  • Cardio Tennis Lessons: Every Thursday, join us for 90 minutes of fun and fitness with cardio tennis lessons followed by a game.

  • Run Club: Lace up your sneakers and join our free run club every Wednesday at 6:30 PM on the West End Beltline.

  • Mindfulness Socials: Relax and rejuvenate with our mindfulness sessions, combining social interaction with mindfulness practices.

  • Cycling Events: Enjoy the thrill of outdoor cycling with our organized rides, designed for all fitness levels.

  • Beltline Fit Babes: Connect with fellow fitness enthusiasts through our community-focused Beltline activities.

Our services, accessible both online and in-person, are designed to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle, offering flexibility, support, and personalized guidance. From energizing workouts and mindfulness sessions to specialized pre and postnatal courses, FemSweat supports your wellness journey at every stage.

Join us and discover the joy of dynamic fitness. Let’s sweat, connect, and thrive together!

Founder of FemSweat Rachael Marks
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